The Telling Group Team

The team approach to success.

The Telling Group is made up of multiple talented groups of dedicated individuals who are experts in their particular fields.

Edward Telling, president of the Telling Group, describes the team approach as "a custom synergy whose sole purpose is to give our clients the advantage of our unrelenting desire to build wealth and create liquidity for them."

Members are listed below:


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Team Members

ADMINISTRATIVE Handles administrative and support functions. EVALUATION Headed by Jeff Jones from Houston with outstanding experience both as a broker and appraiser ( This group handles the evaluation and spreading of the financial data so that is clear, accurate and understandable by a wide range of financially trained readers.
MARKETING Works with the seller to analyze current marketing efforts and provides input and assistance based upon that analysis.  This can include promotions to boost sales, bringing internal printed materials up to date, or presentation strategies for marketing the sale.  NEGOTIATION and MANAGEMENT Group MANAGEMENT This group, headed by TGL's principal Ed Telling, includes negotiation specialists along with the client's attorney and CPA handling the intense negotiating sessions and is in constant contact with the client throughout the process.
PRINT/MAIL/DISTRIBUTION Group PRINT/MAIL/DISTRIBUTION Handles administrative and support functions. Mark Travis TECHNOLOGY Acquires, maintains, and trains the entire team on the latest technology so that we can deliver our services with both personal attention and quality.
MEDIA and PRODUCTION Handles production of print and video materials in relation to the distribution of pertinent information to potential buyers. INTELLIGENCE Researchers find the region's economic background, the prospective candidates and industry trends, giving TGL an independent, reasonable assessment used to determine the best marketing strategy and potential buyer for the situation.

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