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Transaction Process


The steps to your success.

The Telling Group believes that in order to ensure the successful and profitable sale of a business, we must first familiarize our clients with the process itself.

the steps are listed below:

1. Pre-discussion

A wide-ranging discussion of your needs, your company, and your desires. We will answer questions you have regarding the process, cost, timeframe and commitment.
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2. Formal Engagement

This is the time for us to make sure we will work well together. Marketing
(Coming Soon)

3. Confidential Workbook

We make at least three half-day trips to your office to work on the details of your business and develop a strategy to go to market. Confidential Workbook

4. FMV Evaluation

A detailed interview of Dr. Pratt can be viewed in the series of videos to the right.  His bio is available here.

Shannon Pratt
Shannon Pratt

CTI Conversations
with the Masters:

Part 1   Part 2
Part 3   Part 4

5. Buyer Targeting

TGL believes that the formula for your success is one part talent, one part continuous hard work, one part research programs and one part understanding your goals. Look for the perfect buyer

Find backup buyers
Never quit working.

Always remember that timing makes a difference.

6. Presentation Package

The goal of the presentation package is to give them all of the important information in an accurate, honest, and compelling way. Confidential Workbook

7. Marketing/ Buyer Strategy

Marketing includes no-price marketing to multiple strategic buyers. A generic profile (acquisition opportunity) and a confidentiality agreement are mailed to approved buyers.
Marketing Mailer

Axial Market

IBG Business Services

M&A Owner's Group

8. Negotiation

As a graduate of five Harvard/MIT negotiation courses, as a graduating member of the elite master’s course, plus an active M&A negotiator for 30 + years, I’m the one to call. PON logo shield

9. Deal Structuring / LOI

Each of the areas; contract negotiations, deal structuring, due diligence, and closing have a cause and effect relationship to the others Knowledge Blog

10. Due Diligence

A sensitive time when our resources, skill and experience shine. Bankers, accountants, attorneys and tax experts, all with different skills, experience, backgrounds and egos need to stay on track.

11. Definitive Purchase Agreement

All sides have agreed on the structure of the sale as well as the details and costs surrounding it.

TGL will give you advice and will monitor the activities of the attorneys and CPA until the closing.
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Since 1982, this is what I live for.

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